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PetDreamy OPR01 2.2L Smart Drinking Fresh Water Pet Water Fountain

The pet water fountain with smartphone APP control and built-in multiple filtration system provides fresh clean water and health for all pets.
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Product name: pet water fountain

Manufacturer: OMNI PETLIFE

Product model: OPR01

Sensor model: radar induction model, continuous watering

Smartphone APP control

Capacity: 2.2L

Color: white glossy

Pump model: wireless pump

Pump voltage: DC 5V

Power consumption: 0.3-2.5W

Power supply mode: Type C

Dimensions: L 239mm, W 239mm, H 246mm

OMNI PETLIFE Smart Multiple Filtration Water Fountain for Pets


What smart abilities of pet water fountain?


1. The pet water fountain is built-in filtration system which provides clean fresh water for cats and dogs.

2. And the pet water fountain is built-in radar induction model so the water flows when pet is close to the smart water fountain.

3. It definitely helps pet owners to save a lot of time and help pets stay hydrated.By this essentially useful pet water fountain,

water bill would not be astronomical as some other water fountain need pet's foot to press the button and pet owners need to train their dogs.

4. The smart pet fountain is also equipped with the specific indicator light.And the indicator light would tell how the water fountain works now.


So the indicator light will show when pet water fountain is connected successfully, when it is in work, when a malfunction, and it sends alert of low water volumn so users can track the usage of water.


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More product details


The other smart ability for the pet water fountain is that users can use smartphone APP to monitor and control

for the filtration, fresh water, the pet's drinking status.


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The pet water fountain is designedly constructed for pet owners as it is easily disassmbled and cleaned.


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