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PetDreamy WPW06 3L Single Bowl Dog Feeder

WPW06 Dog Feeder With Automatic Feeding Plan And Manual Feeding
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Product name:dog feeder

Manufacturer:OMNI PETLIFE


Precise feeding for pets

Automatic feeding

Manual feeding

Dual power supply


Size:383 x 221 x 338 mm

Voice record and playback supported

Alarming equipped for multiple reminding

3L Single Bowl Dog Feeder with Dual Power Supply Supports Automatic Feeding and Manual Feeding 


The introduction of WPW06 Dog Feeder

1,Automatic Feeding

It's built-in display and buttons,pet owners can set their feeding plan on this dog feeder for different pets.

2,Manual Feeding

Pet owners can set manual feeding directly on this dog feeder as well.

3,Feeding Dog with Precision

Pet owners can arrange a feeding plan of 6 meals per day,and there're 1-50 portions

that can be set directly on this dog feeder.

4,The Function of Alarming

Pet owners gets to know when there's food stuck,low battery,less food or lack of food.

5,Voice Record and playback

The voice message which is recorded on the dog feeder can be played during meal time.

Pets can get to know when it's meal time.

6,Freshness Supported

The dog feeder is equipped with sealed cover,sealed outlet and desiccant box.

7,When Power Off

The machine clock and scheduled settings won't get lost when power off.

Therefore,it's convenient when pet owners to turn it to battery supply.No resetting needed.